Chanukah 2010

We celebrated Chanukah for the first time this year. I was going to write a long long loooonnnnggg story about our personal journey to this holiday. It’s 4 pages long. I’ve been writing it all week. I might share it in the future. For now I’ll share some of  the memories of our first Chanukah. We danced, we sang, we played dreidel (wishing I would’ve taken pictures of us playing!) and had 8 VERY crazy nights of cherished memories.

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Emily took the picture of me and Jeff. 🙂

Taken from my 4 page, maybe-one-day-blog post:

As we celebrate our first Chanukah, my heart is full of love for our whole church family. Who, even though we are 3,000 miles apart, will always be considered family and dear to our hearts. You all showed us so much genuine love and kindness. I know that without all of you being the awesome yous you are, we never would’ve known how wonderful is it to be a part of the Body. We love you guys! We are also grateful to our families for being so loving and supportive as we followed our hearts and beliefs. You may not have always agreed with our decisions, but you’ve always been there for us… is not always the case with many families. We realize how lucky we are. We love you all so much!


2 thoughts on “Chanukah 2010

  1. I love you Ana and family thank you so much for sharing all the pictures and showing me to never give up, if i had given up, i would not be here today to see the smiling faces of yours, i will talk soon love you all dearly! Aunt Sue

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