Ginger-man house & a lovely day

Today was a quiet & relaxing day. We hung around the house and danced with daddy, had a few tickle fights, watched Nancy Drew &  Night at the Museum 2, discussed house-building ideas, napped (well, me and Jake did), danced some more, watched the snow fall, played, and generally had a very nice day together. The girls also decorated a ginger-man house today (this is what Emily calls it).  Emily had begged us for DAYS to buy a ginger-man house. So, yesterday we did. We saved it for today as something for them to do.  Here are some pictures of their masterpiece and other photos from today.


The girls used bubble-gum, mini m&ms, skittles, green leafy gummies, peppermint swirls, rainbow sprinkles, dots, and sugar cake decoration things (obviously I don’t know the name for these). Emily is the kosher police around here. Throughout the project she kept asking me things like, “Mom, are you sure these are kosher?, “Mom, can we eat these? Are they kosher?”, “Mom, are you sure you know what you’re talking about?”. Most gummies are not kosher, so she was hung up on the dots and green leaf gummies. She still wouldn’t eat the green leafy things.  Jeff let them eat the santa, which was fine because we weren’t going to use him anyway. Instead, we used 5 ginger-people to represent our family. Emily designated the one behind the left deer as “daddy, because he looks like he has a beard”. (insert cute little-girl-giggling here) 😮


The ginger-men look like they’re in a stick-up. Or dancing.

I made the rainbow walkway.

Emily’s mouth was full of candy.

It’s no fun unless you eat some of the decorations.

Completed house. They got along so well today. I love days like these. 🙂

Jake doing what he does best….causing trouble. He loves to climb on the couch and play with the faucet.

Dancing with Daddy.

Me and my bubby snuggling during Nancy Drew. This is a very rare, almost non-existent sort of thing for him. He does not like to snuggle. He sat with me for almost 20 minutes and my heart could’ve burst I was so happy!

He left once the camera came out. I enjoyed it while it lasted.

Um….8 hours later. I found the girls sucking up sprinkles with the straw. And Emmy bit the heads off of the deer. Poor house really never stood a chance against those two. 🙂

**correction……i hate when my 5 year old is right. the skittles are not kosher. i forgot. oh well…..we survived 😉


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