I love days like this

Days where things get done. My house is clean(er) than it’s been in a while. We don’t keep a filthy house, but dishes pile up, toys (and snacks) get strewn everywhere, my laundry pile looks like something from a horror movie….you get the idea. Today I conquered all of it. Well, the downstairs at least. I do love that we live in a smaller house, it makes cleaning it so much quicker. Maintaining it is another story. We have 3 kids, so, naturally, nothing stays clean for long.

Jeff assembled the girl’s beds last night. We decided to give Emily her own room. Her closet is my craft storage, so she’ll still have to share her brother and sister’s closet, but at least she has her own space now. This arrangement also gives me a place to put Emily’s desk and computer. She won’t have internet, but she will at least be able to do her school work and play games without having to worry about her brother or sister bugging her. Emily really likes alone time and has wanted her own room for a while, so this seems like a good thing.

I ordered bedding for them today. This and this. They are from Wal-Mart, not my first go-to store for stuff like this, but they had better prices than Target and I really liked the design on these comforters. I considered getting a Tiana bedding set for Elizabeth and a Barbie bedding set for Emily, but they wouldn’t be able to use them forever. The pink set will be for Emily and the green for Elizabeth. I can’t wait to fix up their rooms!

Everyone is feeling a bit better today. Runny noses and coughing, but not cranky. Thank God. Most colds kick my butt and I end up losing my voice by the end of it, but this one has been very nice to me. Maybe it’s all this fresh air that makes all the difference.

I’m trying to get into typing as if I’m talking to my husband or close friend instead of just being informative. I think I’m getting there, but it’s tough…… I don’t want to sound boring, but I want it to make sense. And I wish I had new pictures to post. I can’t get my computer to sign on to our server, so I don’t want to take any photos off of my camera card until I can save them. I am not saving them to my laptop because we’ve been down the road of terror where you have everything saved to a laptop and then your kid jumps on your bed, which causes your laptop to fall to the hardwood floor, which causes it to become fried because you left it plugged in and it hit pretty hard. Yea….lesson learned. Luckily, our computer guy was able to get everything back that time. But it was a scary waiting to hear whether he could or not. So, maybe tomorrow I’ll have something. šŸ™‚


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