Last Adventure of 2010

We purchased property this past Monday. Our plans to build our dream home is one step closer to being a reality. After a week of cloudy snowy skies, we had a beautiful two days of sunshine. Well, not knowing when this would occur again because as soon as we get used to the sun more snow shows up, we decided to head up to our newly purchased property.

Here are a few pictures of us and our drive to the property.
*you can click on the individual pictures to get a bigger view of things*

Emily & Jake



Yes. This sign is for real.

Here are a few pictures of our little adventure a.k.a. Jeffrey thinking he could drive through 3 feet of snow in our Jeep Liberty. 🙂

The forbidden path. This road takes us up to our property. We’ve been up there before….but not through this much snow.

You can see the dirt that had been kicked up by his tires. It was at this point that we were officially stuck.

Jeff talking to Larry the snowplower/new-neighbor guy/rescuer. I’d like to think that Jeff was saying something like, “Yea, my wife said to turn around. She was right, again.” 😉  (thank you Larry and friends)

Larry’s friend hooking up a strap so we could be pulled out.

Emily was very nervous about being stuck. The other two kids were asleep.

Pulling us out

I imagine this was the “Listen to your wife and turn around sign”

He actually said, “I think we could’ve made it the whole way up.”
Uh-huh, right.

Never a dull moment around here folks. 😉 I hope your year was as exciting as ours and that 2011 bring you much to be thankful for.

Happy 2011! Love, The Hogans.


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