Back At It

It’s been a few months since I last posted about our lives. 8 months to be exact (!!!)  and I feel it’s about time I updated everyone on the busy year we’ve had so far. So much has happened:

  1. the girls completed the spring semester of ballet and had their first recital. it was awesome!,
  2. we celebrated Jake’s 2nd b-day and Emily’s 6th b-day,
  3. Jeff and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary,
  4. we took a 2 week road-trip home to Florida to say good-bye to Jeff’s sweet Uncle Mike :(,
  5. we had our first house guests,
  6. we purchased 2 turkeys, 3 guineas, and 18 chickens,
  7. completed our first year of homeschooling (we will be starting our second year in a week!),
  8. saw Michael Buble in concert….best date EVER!,
  9. celebrated Jeff’s 36th birthday and my 26th birthday,
  10. I lost 35 pounds,
  11. we welcomed our best friends to Idaho! yes, they took the crazy leap to move 3,000 miles from home, too! not because of us…they were our inspiration, really. :),
  12. we joined a homeschooling co-op and met some very awesome people,
  13. I joined a book club and met even more awesome people :),
  14. adopted a dog, and
  15. took a road trip to Seattle.

This isn’t even a complete list of our year. As I go through pictures to update y’all, I’ll remember more. We’ve been so blessed and are so thankful for the path we have been given in life.  I am excited to see what God has in store for us and am learning to trust Him completely.  Always easier said than done, unfortunately.

November will mark one year since our big move across country. wow!

I am so excited to write about our year! I would love to get to the point where I am posting about our lives everyday.  I need to do this for myself as much as I need to for our families, maybe more. These kid are growing so fast and I’m quickly forgetting the funny and crazy things they do and say each day.

Wish me luck!

*click on the pictures for a larger view


2 thoughts on “Back At It

  1. So nice to hear from you again! I’ve wondered what’s become of your family and sounds like things are terrific! And congrats on loosing 35 pounds. That’s so great! Can’t wait to hear more of your adventures. Glad you’re back!

  2. Sounds as though you been busy, sounds wonderful, lucky you seeing
    Michael Buble in concert, I am envious, he is so wonderful. Congratulations on your weight loss its easier to put on but xtra hard to take it off. Very happy to hear about all your adventures! Love you!

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