Our YouTube Channel

I failed on my plan to update y’all back in September. I thought when winter got here that I would have time to edit and upload photos and write about all the fun things we’ve been up to. Well, we spent most of winter down in Florida, so life did not slow down for a second! […]

Back At It

It’s been a few months since I last posted about our lives. 8 months to be exact (!!!)  and I feel it’s about time I updated everyone on the busy year we’ve had so far. So much has happened: the girls completed the spring semester of ballet and had their first recital. it was awesome!, […]

Tiny Dancers & Some Other Stuff

Tomorrow our girls start ballet! They are so excited about this. Tonight they tried on their new leotards, tights, tutus, and shoes. I am excited for them too!  They will finally have something fun to do, outside of this house. And they will make new friends! They love making new friends. I love this age, when kids are […]

I love days like this

Days where things get done. My house is clean(er) than it’s been in a while. We don’t keep a filthy house, but dishes pile up, toys (and snacks) get strewn everywhere, my laundry pile looks like something from a horror movie….you get the idea. Today I conquered all of it. Well, the downstairs at least. […]

Ginger-man house & a lovely day

Today was a quiet & relaxing day. We hung around the house and danced with daddy, had a few tickle fights, watched Nancy Drew &  Night at the Museum 2, discussed house-building ideas, napped (well, me and Jake did), danced some more, watched the snow fall, played, and generally had a very nice day together. The […]